When you go cleaning your homes, there is this notion that makes a person clean parts of a home and leaves out the other areas to rot. This is probably because they believe that they only need to clean parts of the house that are usually visited by other people, and if no one enters a room, then it won’t need any cleaning.  Even if you never enter a room in your house dirt and other pests could pile up, and once you do decide to take a look, you will have a harder time cleaning that room. It will be best to try and maintain the cleanliness by cleaning all the areas of your room at certain times.

Your bathroom is a place where you will need everyday cleaning, as water is one of the elements that can draw a lot of attention to germs and parasites. It will be important to get rid of the excess water that may be on the floor, and that you clean the tiles with anti-bacterial spray.  Toilets also need to be wiped clean with an anti-bacterial product, as we come into skin contact with this appliance almost every day of our lives. You can clean your shower heads at least once a month, and to have this cleaned will only take a few minutes of your time and minimal ingredients. You will just need a mixture of water and vinegar, apply it to the shower head to get rid of bacteria and debris that may be inside.

You have to do general cleaning in your kitchen every day; you want to make sure that you instill a strict cleaning system in this particular part of your home. It is just hygienic and practical that you have a clean working area when you prepare and cook your food, who knows what kind of bacteria or disease you can get if the food comes in contact with a dirty kitchen top. Make sure that you invest in a lot of sponges and cloth, as it is most ideal to change these once a week because of the germs that can stay dormant within the fibers.

Air duct cleaning is also a crucial area, and often forgotten with home owners. These air ducts, if not cleaned for a long time, can be filled with dust mites and germs. Once you turn on your air conditioner, the room will be filled with circulating dust particles that can make it hard to breathe for those individuals that battle with Asthma and constant allergic reactions. An air conditioner that is cleaned on a consistent basis can make your home feel more comfortable, with cool, clean air filling your home, and that is what it’s supposed to do. There will be hot summer days that you can barely take the heat, and you want to be able to make things more bearable by turning on the A/C that will give you clean cold air consistently.